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Phil & Tania, Coordinators of Enlightenment for the Dear Animals, were both in Bendigo, Australia, in the retreat with Rinpoche when this happened (Tania was actually out of the gompa at the start when Rinpoche was manifesting slurred speech as one of the students had brought in a Grass Parrot which had been hit by a car and Tania was trying to briefly assess it’s condition and get it help).

Rinpoche actually spent a great deal of time during this last teachings telling us about how to practice charity to animals.

Many students around the world are doing practices to remove obstacles to have Rinpoche back in full health and teachings us again. Some of those practices include animal liberation.Rinpoche Bendigo - Guru Puja mandala

Animal Liberation for Rinpoche

Animal liberation is a powerful Buddhist practice often done to prolong life when an untimely death is threatening. According to Lama Zopa Rinpoche in “Liberating Animals” (FPMT Practice book), the practice of liberating animals is primarily for prolonging life and the recitation of mantras is more for healing sickness and providing protection from the harmful beings that become conditions for certain diseases.

He goes on to say “It is best to liberate an animal that you are able to look after yourself. By feeding them every day, you perform the Dharma practice of giving charity and create much good karma, the cause of happiness.”

Now is the perfect time, if you have been considering getting a pet, to visit an animal pound/shelter and to rescue an animal from death row, and dedicating this to Rinpoche’s health and long life. Or if you haven’t been considering it so far, now is a time to do so! Everyday you not only get the benefit of having saved that life, you create merit by taking care of them, plus they get to hear Dharma from you!

If you cannot take on the responsibility of keeping a pet, perhaps you can contact your local animal rescue group to see if you can foster an animal. This way whilst they are in your care, you can give them as much Dharma as possible by circumabulating them around holy objects and reciting prayers and mantas to them.

For those who simply cannot take on an animal pet at home, take this opportunity to liberate animals in other ways. You can, for example, support some of the animal liberations that have been happening around the world, such Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s Animal Liberation Sanctuary in Nepal (via this website).

Or you can get your bottle of blessed water out (if you don’t have any, grab a bottle of clean water, and say as many mantras as possible, particularly those recommended on this website (click here) and bless beings! With your water, go out and spray insects. Also, if you have a body of water nearby, such as a pond, lake, or swimming pool, grab a Dharma text, images of holy beings (eg, postcards) or anything easy to carry, get down on your knees and take a close look to see if any insects are drowning in there and save them. Then circumbulate them around the holy objects you have and say at least a couple of mantras to them before letting them recuperate somewhere sheltered and safe.

Rinpoche - Bendigo - ants

A quick glimpse at what animal liberations have been done around the world for Rinpoche includes: Enlightenment for the Dear Animals and MAITRI Charitable Trust liberated 10 goats in Bodhgaya, India, Cham Tse Ling in Hong Kong have arranged the liberation of 500 sheep and goats and 35 yaks in eastern Tibet, Hayagriva Center in Perth, Australia, have liberated 10 young sheep, whilst Amitabha Buddhist Centre in Singapore aims to liberate 10 million lives (10 lots of 1 million lives at a time), whilst several young people in the Netherlands liberated 1000 worms.

Please, please dedicate for Rinpoche to show the aspect of full health very quickly. You can also read the dedications on this website (click here) as well as any others you like. For updates on Rinpoche's condition, visit the FPMT website.



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