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Taking Advantage of COVID-19

It is a difficult time for us all. Yet the great Buddhist masters have always advised to prepare for the worst and to develop methods to transform problems into something beneficial. Whether you are locked down in isolation in your home, restricted in your movements or simply watching the difficulties of others via the news and social media, there are still ways to make these troubling times an opportunity to help our fellow earthlings the animals.

See our other pages for detailed advice, but here are some suggestions:

  • recite mantras and prayers for your pets or play pre-recorded audio from recognised teachers
  • if walking your dog, imagine walking them around all the holy objects like a giant circumambulation
  • use blessed water to bless animals and insects or animal food
  • reduce your consumption of animal products; go veg/vegan
  • regularly replace thoughts of anger or fear with compassion, compassion, compassion
  • meditate and visualize purifying the illness and suffering from yourself and others
  • imagine your isolation and restriction is relieving the suffering of animals also isolated and restricted
  • refresh and recharge your motivation prior to any practice; take inspiration from those who inspire you
  • be there for the animals – they need you to be their ally and friend