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MAITRI Animal Care Program

Bodhgaya, India

As part of MAITRI Charitable Trust’s many compassionate activities in the land of the Buddha an extensive animal care program is operating within the main centre, and in a number of outreach programs.

MAITRI dog shelter

Circumambulating a rescued horse

  • MAITRI Animal Care Programme has been running a Shelter for stray dogs and rescued goats since 1994 .
  • The rescued animals are treated, vaccinated, and kept at the Centre. Some have been adopted by local families.
  • Since 2004 a kennel is provided as hospitalization ward for dogs.
  • A secure enclosure, which has been recently extended, is provided for the goats of the shelter.
  • In 2004 a clinic room has been set up and equipped at MAITRI headquarters for day veterinary clinics and surgery.
  • Since 2003 MAITRI has been running an ABC (animal birth control) programme with camps for the stray dogs of the province and routine clinic sterilizations held whenever veterinary surgeons, generally from abroad, are available.
  • Since 2005 MAITRI has been running a Veterinary Care programme that provides a veterinary clinic at its headquarters and mobile clinics in villages.
  • Since 2007 MAITRI has been managing a watering point for cattle and stray dogs built outside its campus.
  • Since 2004 MAITRI provides assistance to pets from the outside community.
  • Since 2005 MAITRI has been running a Veterinary Education programme on animal welfare and treatment targeting villagers and school children.

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