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Enlightenment for the Dear Animals is a project of Tree of Compassion. It is aimed at helping people, particularly Buddhists, to benefit animals. The website is a resource for Buddhist students, centres and projects that provides advice, news, and links projects and people who are helping animals around the globe. As fellow sentient beings, animals are not just creatures to whom we should do no harm, they are beings who also have the potential for enlightenment and hence we can assist them in meaningful ways to achieve happiness and freedom from suffering.

“This is the biggest present you can give them: good rebirth, finish samsara, liberation, and the positive imprints of the Mahayana teachings and mantras also lead to enlightenment. If you liberate animals, it helps you to have a long life, or you can dedicate the merit from their liberation to those who have life obstacles.”┬áLama Zopa Rinpoche [2b]

Circumambulating rescued goats, Nepal

Enlightenment for the Dear Animals supports a number of projects around the world that benefit animals and provide them with Dharma. Currently, the two main priority projects we support via Tree of Compassion are the Animal Liberation Sanctuary in Kathmandu, Nepal and the animal sanctuary at MAITRI Charitable Trust in Bodhgaya, India. In addition to these, we support a number of activities such as the rescue and treatment of wildlife, the rescue of pets on death row, the stopping of kangaroo shooting and other animal activities in Australia, the rescue of homeless, abused, neglected cats in Singapore through Metta Cats, dog rescue and treatment in Dharamsala, India via Tibet Charity, plus numerous other smaller projects and activities (read below for information on our recent activities).

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There are 2 main priority projects that we are targeting for support currently:

Animal Liberation Sanctuary Nepal and MAITRI Animal Care

Project Coordinators

Tania Duratovic & Phil Hunt

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