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This is a day for compassion, care and action for stray animals everywhere. Every year millions of stray dogs, cats, horses and donkeys fend for themselves in terrible conditions, often being pursued, abused and killed by authorities and communities. Most of us live in countries where there are many stray animals being killed every year because they have no home, yet breeders produce and sell animals to the pet industry. Think about and talk to friends and family about the benefits of adopting animals from government shelters and rescue networks. Donate to worthy animal shelters. It saves lives, saves people having to kill and it gives these precious beings shelter and protection – the causes of long and healthy lives to come!

Featured Stray Animal Shelter

MAITRI, in Bodhgaya India, has rescued hundreds of stray dogs and other animals over the years as part of its ‘compassionate service to others in the land of the Buddha’.  MAITRI currently has nearly 100 dogs rescued from the street and rehabilitated.  You can read more about MAITRI or donate via its website.